Features of Ricemill Farmers/Agents a/c

1. Waybills generation and issued to Agents/Farmers :-

Company will get Waybill book from Govt, so waubill generation is added, and that Waybills is issued to Agents/Farmers.
That agents/Farmers will resend the waybills by filling information along with the Truck with goods.
So Compnay should need to know how many waybills are remained at which Agent/Farmer. Added a report based on Agent/farmer to know how many waybills received and which Waybills are pending at taht Agent/Farmer.

2. Agent Due list report:-

This report will show total Qty of pending Paddy receipts by Agents/Farmers and Closing balance and any Advance balance taken by that Agent/Farmer.

3. Rate confirmation only by Authorised person :-

This will help the company to block unauthorized entries of Prices. Only authorised person will able to give Prices to purchased Paddy.

If there are more than 1 Item in pourchase, it is possible to give different rates, and no need to go to Alter that Voucher. a seperate report is added for rate confirmation.

If there is same item but with rate difference on Qty, it is also possible to give different Rates for different Qty.

4. Agent Patti :-

This will calculate Bag weight based on Weigh bride & with Bag wise or without Bag.

5. Other useful reports for better maintain Company :-

    1.Voucher search by Voucher number.
    2.Voucher type security.
    3.Item Averate purchase report.
    4.Voucher alter history.
    5.Searching Waybill number.
    6.Weigh Bridge Integration.

Video will be added soon