Features of Hospital Wastage Collection

Features of Hospital Wastage Collection :-

1. Add Hospitals by their Route and you can select Position of Hospital which is Near to Other Hospital in same Route.

2. Print Van Routes based on dates, even if some Routes are not available in some week days.

3. Van Route print can print by Hospital after Hospital, so that Van driver will not confuse by going up and down.

4. After getting Wastage collection paper from Driver, data entry can be make very easily same like in Excel sheet. It will save lot of time for data entry operator.

5. You can generate bills by Daily basis or Monthly basis from a report, no need to enter manually. Post Vouchers to Hospitals just by pressing 2 Keys.

6. Options for Printing Common Letter, Stamped Receipts, Satisfactory Letter, Reminder Letter.

7. Reports of Joined Hospitals, Non Joined Hospitals, Discontinued Hospitals.

8. Option for Printing Bills by Van Route & by Voucher number in Multi account Printing.

9. And much more.....

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