Fish Purchase Business ( Calculate price based on Average automatically )

Rohu :-

This is one Type of Fish in Fish Businees.Specially in coastal area.This fish is purchased from farmers and sell to market. But the price is totally different caliculation than any other Items in market. Here is the caliculation method.Rate of fish depends on Average size of fish.

Normally price claculation for Rohu is based on 1 kg Avearge

Katla :-

This in other type of Fish,also in Coastal area. This type of fish also be caliculated as Rohu.But averege is based on 2 Kg (2000 gm).

Normally price claculation for Katla is based on 2 kg Avearge

Funkas :-

This in oter type of Fish, also in Cpastal area.This type of fish is Totally Different caliculation the Rohu and Katla. The Rate will be caliculated is based on the averege, but the rate is in between 2 avereges.

The price calculation for Funkas is taken dfrom 2 types, it depends on Area.

It will be calculated from 1.2 - 1.5, 1.3 - 1.6, etc..